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Mr Carter, Leeds

Reviewed By: Mr Carter, Leeds

“I’ve been buying from auction houses for almost 20 years and I have to say this place is fantastic and very professional, friendly staff”

Carl, Manchester

Reviewed By: Carl, Manchester

If you are going to visit an auction house, this is the place to go. They have some great bargains sourced from an upmarket department store I believe.”

Wes, Glasgow

Reviewed By: Wes, Glasgow

“One word – CHEAP!”

Elaine, Sheffield

Reviewed By: Elaine, Sheffield

“Visited their live auction today and had a great time! Nice warm sales room, good clean café and a professional auctioneers with loads of charisma!”

Danny, Devon

Reviewed By: Danny, Devon

“Bagged a grade A washing machine for £98 with full 12 month manufacturers warranty. Where else in the world can you do that!”

Christine, Bradford

Reviewed By: Christine, Bradford

“Good solid, professional auction house with a large range of stock for sale to both end users and traders”

David, Crewe

Reviewed By: David, Crewe

“Had some issues with my delivery, but when I called to explain the staff were extremely understanding and resolved my issues straight away. Thank you Global”

Steve, London

Reviewed By: Steve, London

“WOW! What a place! I cannot believe how cheap this place is!

Kenneth, Liverpool

Reviewed By: Kenneth, Liverpool

“First time I’ve used this auction house and I must say I’ve bagged a few bargains. Good customer service too”

Jean, County Durham

Reviewed By: Jean, County Durham

“efficient delivery service and well packaged items”