Our Team | Global Auctioneers


Head of Security

Darren is a great guy with a beady eye. Darren is employed to watch for unscrupulous people who think it's okay to take goods without paying! Nothing gets past our Daz!

Brian Teat

Warehouse Supervisor

Brian is our warehouse supervisor and also our resident builder. Anything which needs building up like furniture etc. Brian will willingly and lovingly build. He also built all our offices and is an all-around nice bloke.

Wayne Greenwood


Wayne is a great member of the team and extremely polite. Wayne has a great work ethic and is a valued member of the team.

Jordan McGuire

Warehouse and Clerk.

Jordan is the quiet one of the bunch but has a great attitude to work. Jordan may go a full day without speaking to anyone and just gets on with it. His only downfall is he never passes the ball to anyone in our weekly 5-a-side football game!

Andy Milne

Warehouse, resident photographer and clerk.

Andy is a great character and a valued member of the team. Andy takes all of our photos and also does the clerking for our Live Auctions!

Curtis Norris


Curtis is a very lively and valued member of the warehouse team. Although he talks too much, Curtis is a great lad with loads of experience within auctioneering.


Warehouse Team leader

Moby is a valued member of the warehouse team and has over 14 years of experience within auctioneering.

Katie McDermott

Customer Service Administrator

Katie is a bubbly character who works in our sales office. Katie is the one who will be calling if you do not pay your invoices on time!

Gemma Hague

Shipping Manager

Gemma is all things shipping and courier service. She will pick pack and wrap your goods and also quote you for the parcel or pallet service. Gemma is very bubbly and a very popular member of the team!

Sophie Clynes

Admin Manager

Sophie reports to all our clients, answers all our customer queries, publishes auctions and pretty much everything else! We don’t know what we would do without our Sophie!

Shaun Boyce

Head Auctioneer

Shaun is our Head Auctioneer and has over 10 years of auctioneering experience. Shaun has the charisma required for the rostrum and is an all round good bloke!

Marcel Duffy

Managing Director

Marcel is a consummate professional with a work ethic which is second to none. Marcel has very high moral standards which come through in the way he runs his business.