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Exciting New Auction House Launches

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We have combined the traditional elements of an auctioneers with a modern e-commerce twist which makes the whole buying process as simple as peas!

We have gathered over 10 years of auctioneering, retail and ecommerce experience, mixed it all up and produced what is the finest auction process the world has ever seen (our own opinion!) Global Auctioneers have some of Europe’s most established retailers, manufacturers and distributors on board to bring our customers some amazing bargains!

From electronics, fashion, whitegoods, small electricals, large electricals, homeware and cookware. You name it we sell it – to the highest bidder!

Whether you are an accomplished bidder or a newbie wanting to grab yourself a real deal, Global Auctioneers caters for everyone. We make the process of picking out your items in our catalogues to the winning bid as easy as possible because buying from an auction house really doesn’t have to be difficult at all.

Why pay crazy high-street prices when you can get the same goods at a fraction of the price! So what are you waiting for? Come down to our auction rooms or bid online at the UK’s number one auction house!

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