New Furniture Thursday Sale and Expanded Sunday Luxury Sale

Expanded Sunday Luxury Sale Global Auctioneers have expanded the popular Sunday Luxury Sale with hundreds of additional designer handbags and high-end jewellery! Taste the high life with designer handbags, diamond rings, gold earrings, timeless bracelets and fashionable scarves in the unmissable sale. All of the luxury bargains have been sourced from iconic leading brands including Hermes, Louis […]

Retail Store v Auction House – What’s the difference?

Retail v Auction House

The difference between an auction house and a retail shop. Here at Global Auctioneers we often get mistaken for being a retail outlet and not an auction house. Granted, it’s not everyday, but people sometimes register with us and expect to get the same experience as wandering into a shop on the high street as […]

Why to use an auction house?

With the British high street struggling more than ever and people being more cautious than before, the hunt for a good deal has never been so popular. The problems facing the struggling British high street are definitely not a secret. Over the past few years, the landscape has changed dramatically, once a destination visited by […]

Embracing The Digital

entering the digital age

Our monthly question time with Marcel has led us to the digital age and how it is integral to modern day auctioneering. Read more here!

Hauntings & Auctions

spooky things sold at auction

From human tissue, to cursed objects, here are 6 creepiest objects ever sold at auction!